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Enhancing Livelihood


“Share common ideas to enhance own skills”

Nepal is a developing country with a total population of 28,514,000 (2015). Most of the people rely on agriculture to sustain their lives. Due to geographic constraints, much of the land is hard to develop for agriculture. People living on less than $1.25 per day (below the poverty line amount to 25.2% (2010) of the population, compared to 61% among other low-income countries around the world.

Because of one-decade of political instability and the devastating earthquake in 2015, the economic situation of Nepal drastically changed. Around 9,000 people died, at least 22,200 people were injured, more than 505,000 homes were destroyed, 279,000 homes were damaged and a large number of people were impoverished. In the remote areas of Nepal, many people’s entire livelihood was destroyed.

FAN assesses the community’s needs then designs projects with the local community, in a participatory approach, which respects their dignity, culture and promotes local products.

Apart from this, FAN aims to develop capable social entrepreneurs at a national level through building capacity, providing accessible information and technology support to the community. FAN focuses on enhancing local products and facilitates the growth of their business by promoting the concept of cash farming instead of the traditional farming methods. Programs enhance, empower and strengthen by identifying constraints, creating an opportunity to release their own potential and helping them to upgrade their skills to become self-reliant and run their life better.