Your small help can make a difference in the lives of other people who are longing for love and support.


Share your joy in a cross-cultural activity, be exposed become aware and help to equip communities.


You can change a life when a child receives joy, an opportunity to understand and be wise after being educated.


Instead of direct cash support, you can help by buying goods and services themselves are given.


It’s a great opportunity to learn the local culture, language and sharing testimonies. We will provide a location where you can do your ministry and serve as freely as you can likely.


You can support a child by giving them educational materials. You can contribute your support for stationery materials distribution for the poor and marginalized children of Nepal.


Educational Materials Distribution Program-2015

After the devastating #earthquake in Nepal, many of the people lost their families, and their property. Having all this FAN plans to help the #deprived children, mostly from the hilly region. FAN did need assessment on July 12, 2015. During our need assessment, we went to Tistung, Makawanpur in Mahankal Primary School. One of the buildings is collapsed and need to rebuild it. We talk with their board committee and ask them how can we help them. Saraswoti Lama Principal of Mahankal primary school requested us to distribute the bags and stationary for students. During our visit, none of the students had a bag to keep their books, all of them held all the books in their hands. This made us think on this topic.  We are not able to rebuild the school building because we don’t have enough resources and man power. ECD has also the same conditions they don’t have well trained teachers and materials to teach them. FAN plans to distribute the educational materials to 180 children from #EDC to grade 5. Having all this, FAN appeal to support us to help this school and for the most vulnerable children on a mission to continue their smiles and to support their development. If you want to help us, please donate today. for more details you can send an email to

FAN organized “Educational materials distribution program” on July 26, 2015 at Mahankal Primary School, Tistung-05, Makawanpur, Nepal for 180 children from ECD to grade 5. The program provided materials like bags, stationaries and sports materials to the students and Sungava ECD of the school. The program was successfully carried out and FAN is extremely indebted to all the individual supports, Mahankal school family and our volunteer members. FAN is planning to develop technical support for ECD of Mahankal Primary School in the days to come.

Nepal is naturally beautiful, culturally enriched country and has multi-dimensional characteristics. It is endowed with lots of resources. However, due to its inability use these resources in a proper system of management, its multi-sectorial progress has been hindered . Which may be one of the reasons why it is called a beleaguered country.

As the country itself has been unable to make economic progress, it has hardly made progress in education and social status which is the true reason why the literacy rate and per capita income of the country Nepal is considerably lower than a developed country. Unless a country makes significant and effective progress in increasing the literacy rate and the social status of the people, particularly of the groups of the society which are far away from the reach of government and neglected, it can’t increase its level of progress nor can it make the people happy.

For these reasons, i.e. poverty, low economy and low educational condition, our children in rural areas are deprived of an education. There are different reasons. Firstly, their parents have low-income status which hinders their desire to get an education. Secondly, most of the parents are uneducated and cannot easily realize the importance of sending their children to school. Thirdly, the children’s parents have to work all day to earn their livelihood leaving their children uncared for the whole period. Since the environment itself in those distant, remote and rural area of our country is not supportive due to these condition of poverty, illiteracy etc. Our children are also facing miserable conditions of poverty and they are likely to be under the dark shadow of illiteracy which is beyond the spirit and notion of that part of the society which wants to work for the education of those children.

Moreover, the recent earthquake has also ruined the condition of the people and has shattered the dreams of parents to send their children to school and the dreams of the children to go to school to make their future bright. As the devastating earthquake struck Nepal many villages in different parts of the country, many schools were badly damaged which further broke their dreams and made many people shut up their mouth to ask why they don’t want to send their children to school.

But to revive their hope and desire of sending their children to school to pursue their educational career FAN was founded by a passionate team to do work for the communities. It is absolutely a social organization established through the mutual effort, shared concepts of its members under the leadership of John Shrestha.

Objectives of “Educational material distribution program”

Basically, to work in favor of the society, children and the nation is the main objective of FAN. Main objectives of FAN are as follows.

–    To encourage children to go to school regularly.

–    To motivate parents to send their children to school regularly.

–    To provide relief to the students and their parents who were struck by the earthquake.

–    To help in Early Childhood Development.

–    To raise awareness among villagers/community people about the importance of education.

–    To create an environment for those children who have dropped out of education.

–    To help in the moral and physical development of the children.


Short clips / Major activities of the project

FAN program titled “Education material distribution” was launched in Tistung -5 of Makawanpur district of Nepal. The program was carried out on 7th July 2015(2072, Shrawan 10) at Mahankal Primary School.

Tistung-5 is in the southeastern part of Nepal approximately 55 km east south part of Kathmandu valley. An alternative way from Naubise to Hetaunda leads that place about 35km away from Naubise. Covered by green hills situated at the top of the hills having an incredibly panoramic view of natural beauty, snowcapped mountains, moving clouds just over the head Tistung –5 is, however, a rural area of Makawanpur district. It is geographically challenged place of Makawanpur district. It was named the most earthquake affected area of the district. The habitation of Tamang people has covered most of the place. Except for few plain surfaces, people have their settlements on steep but terraced hills. However, the roads and vehicles can reach this village.

Mahankal Primary School is the only primary school in that place of Tistung-5 which is located on the plain surface of the hilly area. It was established more than 3 decades ago in 2038 B.S. School is a cemented building with the tin roof having a small playground in front of it and a toilet and a tap. There are nearly 180 regular students under the continuous guidance of 4 punctual, devoted, regular teachers The school is run by the mutual co -ordinance and guidance of the village and school management committee. The teaching and learning process is undoubtedly sincere and punctual however the lack of staff, furniture, library, playing ground and some other educational materials is always felt.

FAN’s program “Educational material distribution” reached there at 12 p:m and was initiated around 1:00 pm. At the program, there was the participation of school management committee, school family FAN’s member’s, parents and students. In that program, FAN in co-ordinance with school family distributed bags, copy, pencil, eraser, sports materials like football, ludo, etc. to each student from playgroup to class 5. The educational materials were distributed to 177 students. The program finally finished around 3: pm.

After the program school management committee director, the school principal, the parents and other personalities appreciated this attempt of FAN and thanked them for bringing such a program to their school and their children and expressed their hope to get such help from FAN in future. Finally, FAN congratulated all for their co-operation and help and assured them to continue the support and help in the coming days emphasizing the development of ECD at that school very soon in future.

In overall, the program was successfully completed by FAN though it was its first social program. FAN appreciate and being thankful for all the volunteers- John Shrestha, Shova Shrestha, Keshav Raj Acharya, Thomas Shrestha, Aman Mahajan, Binod Maharjan, school family, management head, parents, students and other unknown.