Our Enthusiastic Team

A like-minded group of people around the world comes together as a contributor to the vision and mission of FAN.

John Shrestha


Love to travel. Discover and share the joy with the people who are in need of love, respect and compassion. As simply as to serve the people.

Jasan Bhattarai


I was born calm in nature because of it I have had some trouble making friends and having people make fun of how I talk. But I don’t let that define who I am. I could complain about it or blame things that happen to me because of it. I know I am child of God and he loves me. I don't let others decide who I am because of what I know.

Keshav Raj Acharya

Public Relation -PR

I am one of the members of FAN social organization acting the role of public relation. Everybody is equal for me and if is something for all that must be shared and treat brotherhood is my by word.